Saturday, September 15, 2007

Self evaluation....partyyyy


Yup thats me in all my drunkin glory. Pink dress pimpin is what I like to call myself on that night. No lie I was on that absolute pretty much the entire night...funny thing is, I didn't feel tipsy really...I looked drunk as hell but I didnt have that drunk feeeeeling that I wanted. I invited about 50 ppl 25 girls, 25 many showed up? roughly 7. Since Im an attention whore to the heart, that really did something to me. Those ungrateful bastards!!.....I had the BEST time ever, but I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed and somewhat embarrassed. I promoted my ass off. It did open my eyes though...I see who's really for me and who could give two fucks about me. So 99% of those ppl who did not show up have not heard from me, and will not hear from me. Everybody n their momma had some sorry ass excuse..that humored me for a little bit...whole time im this bitch 4real?!....But whatever I was still the star of MY show. (atleast thats what Im telling myself).

Self evaluation is a bitch. I like to think Im perfect in every way...Im rich..fantastically fabulous and everybody wants me..those who dont are mentally challenged or jealous!..Thats just how my mind works. But watchin VH1's forbes top 100 list....My heart was demolished..these entertainers are making more than most ppl see in their entire one damn year?! The wheels in my corrupt mind started turning and every illegal occupation ran through my head...hmmmmm "bubble yum..would be a greeaaat stripper name"...but lets face it, Im a lil tooo lazy to ever strip, and Waaay too bougie so thats OUT!....Drugs?? picture me standin on somebody corner....not happenin!...Then I was forced to think of all the legal ways to make millions took a while. Being a criminal would be much muccch easier *hmf*. So Im chillin from the party scene for a while...I need to set some plans into action
"whoever said progress was a slow process wasn't talkin bout meee"