Sunday, October 21, 2007

When the boys are away...the girls will PLAY!!

While talking with one of my girlfriends, we came to the realization that most black men are highly insecure and threatened by independent women. When I was younger I would always hear adults saying that ..thinking "oh they just hate men" or they're "bitter". When you have a circle of friends who are all beautiful, paying their own bills, no children, living alone, good jobs...all under the age of 25 and every last one of them are single..then somethings definitely wrong. Men neeed women to neeed them, and in this day and age..sorrry we really don't need you for much. Shit i've even become accustomed to assembling furniture my damn self. I know thats a blow to the male ego but its the truth. We still "want" you though, but theres no way Im gonna come off my square and act neeedy because it makes you feel better. So we came to the conclusion that until they can act right...Playtime will be in full effect.

I went to a b-day party last night of the guy I talked to for about a year. Due to many many reasons...we parted but still share a smile when we see each other. For some reason when he's out he has to be mr. "im too cool to speak", I'll never understand this because dude is at least 30. So me being on that rose moet and long islands...I start flirting...not only flirting but with his bestfriend. At the time I could careless, I didn't mean to get in tooo deep. "I was jus playin with that boy"..By the end of the night when I sobered up and thoughts were clear.If any of this were to come out it could turn the world upside down sorta speak. My mission was to make "him" jealous not...hurt feelings. Though he's hurt mine many many times....
I guess when your not dating, and you finally leave all the "bad news" behind..the girls will definitely play.