Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I wonder what it would be like to chop off allll my hair and live in the woods?? hmm just a thought. What do you do when your j.o.b literally makes you sick to your stomach and the thought of going to the office bring tears to your eyes **literally**. Never in my young life have I had a job like that until now and I've had a million jobs in my day. Do you stick it out miserably or do you take a chance and leave? I feel stuck and in a sick twisted way I wanna get fired..atleast then I have no more self-doubt Im forced to take my wings back and flyy. I feel restricted and all the red tape corporate bull sh*t makes me wanna gag a million times over. When you know that your a damn good worker but your only acknowledged for the few mistakes you make its heart wrenching. Im gonna contintue to seek guidance because Im at a loss and have absolutely no clue what to do next. I wiiish I had a rich family and didnt have to work...EVER! lol that would be the LIFE right there...

To leave or NOT to leave...I'll keep you posted