Saturday, November 3, 2007

its just a little crush..

Yes he got me..there I said it somebody call the paramedics..tell em to hurry up and come through!!

Why me?? I don't wanna be in deep "like", actually I haate it, because it leads to useless thoughts that take up my whole day, and I tend to not wanna do anything but think about "him". I'm not one of those women who are dying to be in a relationship, Im soo far from that and would prefer NOT to be in one anytime soon. I feel like I'm in grade school all over again and I can't lie this heavy crushing feels kinda nice, but at the same time...I'm pushing it away. I never want to be in any type of committed relationship again. I feel like its a waste of time. I've been denying this little "thing" for soo long, hoping it would go away and sadly it seems to be getting stronger. I have thick skin and Im not at all worried about getting hurt it takes waay too much to hurt me, Im just *sigh* being a girl right now..and its sickening...*barf* Gosh I hope he reverts back to his old ways soon and does something to make me despise him, because if he doesnt..well then.....