Thursday, December 6, 2007

leftover lovin

As I here at 3:08am..I am totally and completely taken. This man *sigh*..this man. It started out as a nice date between what has finally become two great friends. We laughed we were serious. Goals name it..we discussed it over nachos and mojitos (with a tad too many mint leaves). It was funny we ended up at the same restaurant where we shared our very first date, and there we were almost 2 years later. More sure of ourselves, more aware. We pulled up at my place with no intentions whatsoever. We talked more about his, book..ect. We shared a heated kiss and I invited him in. Foolish me, wasnt I the same one who just told myself I would not lose focus like this, I will not be getting intimate with anyonre for a while.I wish I could go into detail, but thats a piece of him I want selfishly. Now here I am 2hrs later. Left with thoughts of what will never be. Wondering if he's sleep yet. Warm passionate kisses.Im left with leftover sweat and covered in his cologne from head to toe. Tonight was something different..somewhat of an experience. Why do I feel soo beautiful with him? my sexiest? insecurities, prove to be nonexistent with him and Im still wondering why my motivation sky rockets. Is he my inspiration? Watching his naked body re dress himself..soo tall..soo brown..soo incredibly sexy in every way a man can be sexy SHIT! he just fucked up my whole week ..Like rihanna and neyo sing "beyond a reason why". And now I lay here wanting to phone all my girls...frustrated that they're all sleeping. Im left with this feeling...this leftover love thing? nah impossible..not couldnt be...Still gotta stay true cus deep down im still a "G" lol...wheewww that man!