Saturday, December 8, 2007

My lifes just....FINE

Last night was a strange night for me. I could not sleep at all..I tossed and turned for hours and hours. Then I decided to put on my ipod and hopefully fall asleep. But listening to certain songs just gave me somewhat of an awakening. For instance "Fly like a bird" and " Through the rain" By Mariah. I dunno I guess I just realized certain things and ppl in my life are just not worth the effort. Im naturally a nice person and that tends to be my downfall a lot of times. People take my kindness for weakness..only calling on me when they need/want something or when it suits them. And u know what thats perfectly fine..But I learned not to give sooo much. I had to make such a tough decision lately and im still going back n forth with myself wondering if it was the right thing to do. Regardless though a decision had to be made...rather it was for the best or for the worse...if I didnt do something about the situation I wouldeve just remained stagnant and that helps nobody. From now on...people who wanna remain in my life have to prove themselves worthy. Why should I allow you my time and company? What have you done for me lately?.......I realized things arent soo tough and life really isnt as bad as I sometimes make it seem. No matter what goes on I know I will make it, Im determined...I may get stuck in a rut but I damn sure will pull through and thats the reality of it. The new year is approaching sooo fast and I cannot here's to the future!