Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I wonder what it would be like to chop off allll my hair and live in the woods?? hmm just a thought. What do you do when your j.o.b literally makes you sick to your stomach and the thought of going to the office bring tears to your eyes **literally**. Never in my young life have I had a job like that until now and I've had a million jobs in my day. Do you stick it out miserably or do you take a chance and leave? I feel stuck and in a sick twisted way I wanna get fired..atleast then I have no more self-doubt Im forced to take my wings back and flyy. I feel restricted and all the red tape corporate bull sh*t makes me wanna gag a million times over. When you know that your a damn good worker but your only acknowledged for the few mistakes you make its heart wrenching. Im gonna contintue to seek guidance because Im at a loss and have absolutely no clue what to do next. I wiiish I had a rich family and didnt have to work...EVER! lol that would be the LIFE right there...

To leave or NOT to leave...I'll keep you posted

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

give thanks....NOT!

Ok..Can rihanna do any wrong?? I mean seriously..she is undeniably beautiful! She comes off as a bitch but still gorgeous and in the next life....Please let me come back as her lol. Anywho.....

Im not understanding why everyone is sooo HYPE over thanksgiving? I mean sheesh who would've known all it takes to get ppl in a good mood is dry ass turkey with some gravy. It really makes me no never mind, If I had it my way I would sleeeeep the entire thanksgiving away..Holidays dont thrill me much and its gonna take a lot more than stuffing to win me over.Im still dealing with the everyday negativity. I will never understand why people feel the need to input their unsolicited negative comments, but I am learning to make everyday count no matter how hard the rain pours. I'm learning that people will always talk, its human nature , it doesn't make what they're saying right...or true. Though sometimes I wish there was a bright pink bubble with gold insulation that I could hide out in every once in a while. A lot of people dont understand that negativity only fuels my fire. To those who give a shit about thanksgiving and giving thanks..u know allll that hoopla....have a great holiday lmao...now black friday is what we should really be celebrating biiitches!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

no words


no words


Saturday, November 3, 2007

its just a little crush..

Yes he got me..there I said it somebody call the paramedics..tell em to hurry up and come through!!

Why me?? I don't wanna be in deep "like", actually I haate it, because it leads to useless thoughts that take up my whole day, and I tend to not wanna do anything but think about "him". I'm not one of those women who are dying to be in a relationship, Im soo far from that and would prefer NOT to be in one anytime soon. I feel like I'm in grade school all over again and I can't lie this heavy crushing feels kinda nice, but at the same time...I'm pushing it away. I never want to be in any type of committed relationship again. I feel like its a waste of time. I've been denying this little "thing" for soo long, hoping it would go away and sadly it seems to be getting stronger. I have thick skin and Im not at all worried about getting hurt it takes waay too much to hurt me, Im just *sigh* being a girl right now..and its sickening...*barf* Gosh I hope he reverts back to his old ways soon and does something to make me despise him, because if he doesnt..well then.....